Mason Gross School of the Arts 2005 Spring Dance Concert

Loree Theater, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, April 21, 2005

Dance Department Faculty:  Patrica Mayer, Chair, Paulette Sears, and John Evans

Student Choeographers:  Whitney Nichole Laurent, Rebecca Duschl and Alie Vidich, Lauren Beire, Meeyoung Jung, Megan Hebert, Elyse Loescher, Alicia Giglio, Nicole Kristina Mahncke, Kelly Lavin, and Takiyah Britton

A Review

It would seem that without exception, dance at Mason Gross is “motion oriented.”  The student choreographers I saw last night (in Program A) handled motion premises with academic skill.  Individually, each had a unique idea, varyingly attempting to present drama, amusement, story line, vision, or just plain fun.

At the onset I was a little put back by what I perceived as sumo wrestling (in Wide-Eyed Hope), but that image did not persist.  Then I was amused by Spencer’s Pillow, only to be treated, occasionally, to unnecessary “kitsch.”  Too Familiar for Words was successfully dramatic but did not explore much of what the title suggests.

Paste—Pot and Scissors was a brave attempt at multi-media.  However, there was only one moment when film and motion were not completely separate entities.  The film did not support the motion, nor did the motion “make” the film.  This was followed by Schematic Perspective, which presented a wonderful “prop”—a moveable, translucent screen.  But only occasionally was this screen truly “a dancer among dancers.”  It disturbed me to feel that its participatory potential was so infrequently used.  I feel that the students deserve more guidance with their brave ideas.

Significance was the sober highlight of the evening with difficult motion material well formatted, as in the following Twizzle Zoop ka-Bop, the humorous highlight of the program.  The following two dances, Keyboard Demo and Uninvisible, were completely motion oriented and ended the evening with a “whoop.”  Despite my occasional reservation, the faculty of Mason Gross is to be commended for producing these young choreographers who can perform so cleanly and with such appetite.  I truly enjoyed my evening and I thank you all.

— Ruth Grauert