Helen Kent-Nicoll Update
(HSP 195860; MLDC 197077)

Helen Kent-Nicoll with Anne McCleod-Koletske at the Nikolais-Louis alumni reunion, March 22, 2003
Life in the Kent-Nicoll familly is very full. We are involved in many interesting sociopolitical projects, both nationally and internationally.

As for me, I'm searching for where to put my creative energy. From the time I was a little girl (the early days at the Playhouse through the days in Murray's company, to the years out on my own, to working with teenagers in the public schools in Montclkair, while raising my family), I took for granted, or always knew, that I was a dancer. It was my identity. I never questioned it. Then one day... it ended. After a performance where I impressed even myself, a small voice inside me whispered “It's over.” Like that song in A Chorus Line, I felt nothing. It was a very bizarre but clear feeling. When the thrill and joy of performing no longer gives you that kick, you know something has changed. I stay "in shape," haven't "gone to seed," and enjoy the physicality of working out, but the actual dance thing has ended.

So as you can see, I'm still trying to sort this out, and I don't know where it will all lead. My children are nearly launched, and I do look forward to the freedom of time to pursue what that "thing" will be. Being a creative soul, I know it will take a shape.

H.K-N, December 2004