Bearnstow Journal (Vol. I) — The Nikolais Heritage, articles by Ruth E. Grauert

“Dignitaries” from Imago, 1963

Bearnstow Journal (Vol. II) — The Wigman Heritage

Mary Wigman Studio brochure photo

Alwin Nikolais and Mary Wigman
in New York in 1958

The elite of dancers and teachers in Central Europe at friendly meeting in Switzerland during last summmer's session in Maglingen. From l. to r. are Rosalia Chladek, Kurt Jooss, Harald Kreutzberg, Mary Wigman, Mme. Nora (who teaches in Paris) and Hans Zullig.

Dance Magazine, Volume XXVI, No. 1, January 1952

Further Reading:  Liebe Hanya: Mary Wigman’s Letters to Hanya Holm

Compiled and edited by Claudia Gitelman.  Revealing letters about modern dance in Germany and the United States, and a friendship tested by heartbreak, fascism, war, and politics.

Of this book Ruth Grauert says, “It is a monumental work, tended diligently, respectfully, and with a scholarahip that certainly is to be admired.”  See Review by Ruth Grauert.

November 2003, University of Wiconsin Press.  Background and purchase information from UW Press.

Bearnstow Journal (Vol. III)

A Dance Course Curriculum by Dale Thompson — Dale Thompson (NDT 1978–1983) has developed a sixteen-week dance curriculum, which also includes a comprehensive reading list.

Bearnstow Journal (Vol. IV)

Alwin Nikolais, by Arnd Wesemann, origi­nally published in Tanz magazine, July 2014; translated into English by Emma Lew Thomas. A review of the Nikolais heritage and its impact from a Euro­pean viewpoint.