Mimi Garrard and Friends
Demetia Hopkins-Greene and Austin Selden

Present a program of dance and video investigating identity with live dance and video

New York Live Arts, 219 W 19th Street, New York, NY
November 12, 2017

Demetia Hopkins-Greene in a scene from Untranslatable

Austin Selden in a scene from A Single Hound
The Program:

Untranslatable (Premiere)
Direction, Camera, Editing, Music by Mimi Garrard
Choreography by Mimi Garrard with Demetia Hopkins-Greene
Danced by Demetia Hopkins-Greene
Costume by Mindy Nelson
Poetry by Walt Whitman

A Single Hound (Premiere)
Direction, Camera, Editing, Music by Mimi Garrard
Improvisation by Austin Selden
Costume by Mindy Nelson
Poetry by Emily Dickinson

The program presented at New York Live Arts on November 12 by Mimi Garrard and Friends was truly a presentation of Mimi’s mastery of the art of video dance making. One video segment after another in the presentation gave an insight into the versatility of the medium and of her aesthetic skill in handling same. Her dancers, Dementi Hopkins-Greene and Austin Selden, were both electric in their performances.

Mimi’s direction of her two dancers testifies to her excellent skill at forming motion as well as her skill in making video dances. The live dances for the most part were performed separately from the video segments, and only on one occasion in each performance did the dan­cers di­rectly acknowledge the images in the video, which were indeed “magic moments.” Although I could have relished more contact (aes­thetically and actual) with the video, there is no quarrel with the excel­lence of their performances.
—Ruth Grauert, December 7, 2017

View the video dances Untranslatable and A Single Hound online.