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I am thankful for the Earth. I have seen its vast oceans breathe and have looked out over its canopy of trees stretching endlessly. I have breathed the scent of rain on hot pavement; I have seen rain rush to me across the waters. I have chased rainbows down a country road. I have seen the sun rise over the Sea of Cortez and the full moon set into the hills across Parker Pond. I have lain in a mountain hay field and felt the earth turn down the sky.

I am thankful for the words of mouth, the sweep of brush, the sounds of horn and string, the visions of motion and gesture, all which bring Earth’s wonders close again.

I wish for all an open heart so that they may taste and relish life, and a sentient mind and hand that they may increase the wonder.

—Ruth Grauert, December 2014

War and I

by Ruth Grauert

In this time-expansive 1996 essay Ruth reflects upon the impact war has had on her life.

The Laurel Leaf

by Susan Buirge

A personal moment that leads to a statement of performance

Voyage of the Invader
Voyage of the Invader, by Louise Omwake Eckerson, is a schooner voyage in the summer of 1941, from California to Hawaii, with a crew of well-meaning amateurs. This autobiographical account is the fascinating tale of adventure and misadventure on the Pacific. The author was Ruth Grauert’s high school English teacher from 1933 to 1935.