Alwin Nikolais’s Total Theater of Motion

The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, Astor Gallery
October 12, 2010 though January 15, 2011

     This glorious overview of the life and art of Alwin Nikolais, so well curated by Claudia Gitelman, was a must viewing for anyone interested in theatre arts and dance. On display were items from Nikolais’s childhood, before he became “Nik,” until the time of his death. There were displays of every program from 1938 through 1993, cases of properties, costumes, masks, posters and letters, and in one corner hung the central prop from Nikolais’s seminal work Tent. DVDs were shown and CDs of his music were played.

See Whitney Browne’s gallery of photos of the exhibition opening and reception on October 12, 2010. See also Alwin Nikolais' Total Theater of Motion from the New York Public Library Web site. Download the exhibibition brochure (PDF).